Introducing The Darwin Tripe Club


Honeycomb tripe by KitLKat

You should have seen the look on my face when I opened my email to find a lunch invite to eat tripe, three ways. Despite considering myself a bit of a foodie, personally, I don’t think I could eat tripe one way.

But according to the Darwin Tripe Club this edible offal is a misunderstood delicacy.  Tripe is the stomach lining of ruminating beasts – mainly cows – and after been cleaned and boiled turns out to be a rather versatile ingredient. There’s tripe soup, greasy tripe fry-ups, and tripe tapas. Locally, tripe appears quite regularly on the yum cha menu at  Tasty House.

If you’re already an appreciator or just plain curious, Darwin’s tripe diehards meet every two months for a three course meal ($25). Their next lunch is on Wednesday 13 April at the RSL.

Email or call 8976 0339 to RSVP by April 8.


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