Eating Udon at Rapid Creek

Udon noodle soup with beancurdAfter returning from a recent trip to Tokyo I was very excited to see someone has decided to open a Japanese cafe at my local shops. This would surely cure my udon urges!

Rapid Creek Cafe (RC Business Village; Tues-Wed, Fri & Sat 9am-3pm, Thu 9am-9pm, Sun 8am-2pm) is completely lacking in atmosphere but makes up for it with a delicate udon noodle soup (served with prawn, chicken, vegetable or bean curd). Sushi rolls are uninspiring and the word on the street is: avoid the Japanese curry. On Thursday and Sunday the Japanese owner is joined in the kitchen by her Indonesian friend and the menu extends to satay, corn fritters and other street-food style goodies. No competition for Darwin’s Go Sushi (28 Mitchell St; Mon-Sat lunch & dinner)but a cheap and cheerful new lunch option in an area with a dearth of decent eateries.


3 responses to “Eating Udon at Rapid Creek

  1. Fantastic have been looking for new Japanese restaurants to eat as I am new to Darwin. Love this blog

  2. Their opening times have changed completely since this blog was posted (no longer open Sundays, no Indonesian or street-style food either) and their Japanese curry is exactly how it comes over in Tokyo – utterly delicious. Perfect with the katsudon.
    Their sushi rolls are also more traditional than Go Sushi, which is more westernised for Australians but admittedly Rapid Cafe don’t offer as much choice. Though that they’re cooked fresh when you order is a huge plus from me.

    I’d highly suggest you visit again, as their menu has changed and they’re utterly fantastic now they’ve been open for a while 🙂

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